The Shoe Quarter is closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day

In our Knowledge Center
, you are never out of the loop.

Our floors offer numerous draws with whatever perspective you come. This applies not least to our Knowledge Center. In it you will find library and media library, an educational center, an ever-expanding materials closet and the compact auditorium. 

You can feel the fruit leather and all those other materials - old and trendy - browse through magazines and books, pick up images, attend lectures. Schoolchildren can come here for their papers or talks, legal advisors want to do research on trademark law, archaeologists and historians have already raised their finger. Fashion students and creators can find plenty of inspiration here. In short, the Knowledge Center is the place for that other learning process.

"With us, it's about more
than watching and learning"

In the Shoe Quarter, besides looking and learning, it is about participating and awareness. We want to offer new target groups an entrance to the cultural world and hopefully show them the way to other museums. Because shoes are part of the identity for young and old, for rich and poor, for every color and every individual. The shoe belongs to the world and to everyone. In many forms. This includes many different stories. We want to tell them, we want to make visitors think about 'their' footwear, where it comes from, how it can be made with respect for the world.