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The Story of the Langstraat
The Story of the Langstraat

De Langstraat is the region that stretches from Geertruidenberg to 's-Hertogenbosch. In Het Verhaal Van De Langstraat five main characters tell about life in an area traditionally known for the manufacture of leather and shoes.


Tanner Nol, shoemaker Johan, stitcher Anna, shoe manufacturer Treffers and shoe saleswoman Josina are the main characters in The Story of the Langstraat. They tell about the hard work, the poverty of many and the wealth of the elite. But also about pride in the products they made, the changing landscape, the work in the factory and the joys and sorrows they shared through shoe timelines and iconic objects and images. The highlight is the little store where Josine sells her shoes. The window forms the backdrop for yet more stories of seemingly random passers-by who mark the end of an era. In Josine's counter is one of the showpieces of the Schoenenkwartier: a shoe by the Giant of Rotterdam; size 62!


The apotheosis of Het Verhaal Van De Langstraat is formed by the newsroom. The sections on the wall look back at the illustrious past of the leather and shoe industry and the decline of the many companies that were forced to close their doors for good in the years 1960-1970. But also on later developments in the field of training, shoe design and fashion and the many companies in the region that are still active in the field of leather and shoes. The newsroom forms the link with the Knowledge Center of the Shoe Quarter; a treasure trove where, in addition to books and journals, material samples, manufacturing methods provide additional information about the special crafts that have put Waalwijk and its surroundings on the map.

In the Spotlight

Final exam work by shoemaking and shoe design students, extraordinary new labels and high-profile new design: the footwear in this closet deserves a place in In The Spotlight. Are you a maker or designer and does your design belong here? Send a photo with dimensions, year of manufacture and a short motivation to [email protected] and who knows, your design might soon be featured in In The Spotlight!