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New Direction 2022
New Direction 2022

The Nieuwe Lichting exhibition shows a diverse selection of designers who graduated in 2022 from various art academies and vocational schools in the Netherlands and London.

The work in the exhibition varies widely: from investigations into the movements of the foot and body (Dirk Vaessen and Gabriel Giordano), newly modeled soles made from self-recycled material (Tessa Schoenmakers), extreme shoe translations that complete a fashion silhouette (Inez van Kessel and Niels van Boxtel), collection pieces that go out into the world as NFTs (Stijn Koks) to music videos for their own rap songs with homemade sets and costumes (Klokpack Prize / Oscar van der Laan)...

These young designers show a sometimes absurdist but certainly optimistic vision of "the shoe" and "the world of the future," a step beyond the world we really live in. The work also shows the MAAKLAB way of thinking: exploring with an open mind how a shoe is made ... what a shoe means in this day and age ... how a shoe can be presented ...

January 9, 2023 to April 8, 2023

In 27 steps, you are taken through the making of a pair of shoes from the tanning process onwards.

The semi-permanent exhibition How It's Made offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of leather and shoe production Then, Now and Later. In 27 steps, visitors are taken through the making of a pair of shoes starting from the tanning process.