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"SAVE" by Gert van Gastel
"SAVE" by Gert van Gastel

The earth is warming and we are increasingly seeing the consequences of this for people and nature. All over the world we are experiencing extremely dry or extremely wet periods, resulting in floods and forest fires. Farmland dries out or is plagued by insect pests.

Overpopulation causes pandemics and ultimately over mortality. Pollution and warming seawater is causing plastic soup and the death of coral reefs. In this apocalyptic world, man seeks solutions to limit the damage; windmills and solar panels for cleaner energy, protecting whales and planting trees to offset CO2. All these elements Gert manages to represent in her extraordinary shoe collection that calls for saving the world. SAVE!

Gert van Gastel completed her specialization year of shoe design training at the d'Academie Beeld, Sint Niklaas in Belgium in the summer of 2020. The year was dominated by the Covid pandemic and due to corona measures, the academy's planned final show could not take place. Therefore, after more than two years, her collection is now on public display for the first time.

December 13, 2022 to February 26, 2023

In 27 steps, you are taken through the making of a pair of shoes from the tanning process onwards.

The semi-permanent exhibition How It's Made offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of leather and shoe production Then, Now and Later. In 27 steps, visitors are taken through the making of a pair of shoes starting from the tanning process.