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Spotlight closet: The shoe world of Barbie

The Shoe World
by Barbie

No one can ignore her at the moment: Barbie. Trending topic this summer was Barbenheimer, a double blockbuster that made all cinemas overflow. Everything seemed to turn pink and director Greta Gerwig is the first female director to make a billion dollars. And that with a film about the world's most famous doll. Not bad for a "plastic lady" who celebrates her 65th birthday next year. The Shoe Quarter cannot ignore this important pop-cultural phenomenon. That's why Barbie's shoes will be in the Spotlight case starting September 5.

Barbie is reputed to be a true fashionista. However, one essential element of her wardrobe is often overlooked: her shoes. Private collector Yvonne van Aarle focuses precisely on Barbie's shoes. For years, she has been collecting the shoes of the popular doll. This led to a very extensive collection of thousands of different Barbie shoes. From the Dutch clog to roller skates, from slippers to true designer boots by Christian Louboutin. You name it, Barbie has one.

The Spotlight cabinet displays a small sample of this rich private collection. The mini-exhibition shows the development of Barbie and her shoes over time. After all, shoes are important carriers of identity. They can show where someone comes from, like the aforementioned Dutch wooden shoe, what music someone likes, like the Barbie inspired by David Bowie, and what someone's age is. One thing is certain: Barbie always moves with the times and reflects social changes.   

The exhibition will be on display in the Shoe Quarter from Sept. 5 through Dec. 31.

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