SKUA Studio is a fledgling label focused on creating handmade sustainable shoes. The shoemaking duo has a strong signature of their own and is known for distinct color and form aesthetics.

SKUA Studio consists of Anousjka Röben and Naomi Hille. The duo has a fashion background and a shoemaker education. This allows SKUA Studio to produce its entire line in-house.

During this design project, SKUA Studio aims to combine the knowledge of classic techniques with new, innovative machines. The duo is curious about techniques that can be used outside of industry. Therefore, they want to keep their production small-scale.

During the project, the final direction will only be chosen. The audience will gain insight into new ways of modeling. Techniques used in orthopedics, but also in the digital world of gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality. Questions at the heart of the project focus on the use of high-tech to pursue an artisanal production process.

Can you process data from orthopedic digital scanning methods and techniques into data for 3D printed a last and then design with it in a classical way? Can a heel be 3D-printed instead of a hand-made mold? Together with students from Fontys Paramedic and ArtEZ, the masterclass explores these questions. The collaboration with Podoprinter expands the production possibilities.

Anousjka and Naomi will work in the LABS on: November 8, 15, 22 and 29.