Blank Canvas
Sneakers are no longer a part of the street scene. Besides the famous sports brands, major fashion houses have also embraced the sneaker. Big favorite is and remains the all white sneaker.

Sneaker brands and designers are increasingly joining forces for unusual designs. The collaboration between Maison Margiela and Reebok is a good example. Reebok's classics are combined with Margiela's iconic fashion classic, the tabi. This signature shoe with split toe is derived from traditional Japanese footwear, consisting of tabi (sock) worn inside a g├ęta (sandal). Margiela introduced the shoe back in 1988 and it is still one of the most distinctive designs of this fashion house.

Yeezy 450

The Yeezy 450 is the result of a collab between adidas and Ye West. Special about the Yeezy is that the sole runs over the side of the sneaker over the primeknit upper. This sneaker can be put on without loosening or tying the laces thanks to the infinity loop lacing system. Before new models are actually released on the market, Ye West is usually spotted wearing the shoe in question some time in advance. For example, he wore the Yeezy Cloud White 450 in Paris as early as 2020, while the sneaker went on sale only a year later.

Nubikk Roque Roman

Even in the collections of Dutch brands, the white sneaker cannot be missed. Thanks to our neighbors from Nubikk, we were able to add this sturdy Roque Roman to the collection of the Schoenenkwartier.