The Shoe Quarter is closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day

The Friends of the Shoe Quarter embrace, recognize and encourage the Shoe Quarter in all its facets.

Shoe and FRIENDS

The Friends of the Shoe Quarter embrace, recognize and encourage the Shoe Quarter in all its aspects. They were emphatically involved financially and creatively in the creation of the form in which the Shoe Quarter now exists. Therefore, the Friends are also justifiably proud of the beautiful new building and the functions it contains: the innovative manufacturing lab, the unique knowledge center and the museum with an internationally renowned shoe collection.

As committed Friends, they want to continue to support the Shoe Quarter in the future. The Friends support the expansion of the collection, the development of exhibitions and the realization of special projects. The main goal is to keep the Shoe Quarter up to date and worth visiting regularly. The Friends do this out of their drive to preserve and update the cultural heritage of the Langstraat. Now, but certainly also in the future.

Shoe and Friendships

We cherish our friendships

As a Friend, you always have free admission to the museum and benefit from discounts and fun events. And of course you support the Shoe Quarter in its development and innovation.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Free admission
  • 10% discount in the museum shop
  • A periodic newsletter with information about special events and meetings
  • An annual Friends Day

Will you also become a friend?

Blank Form (#4)

In the near future you will receive an invoice. This amounts to 30 euros per year for a Friend or 42 euros per year for a Friend with partner. After payment of your invoice you will receive a Friends card in your name.

FRIENDS and Donor

donors have an edge

As a donor, you not only support the museum, but you also get many perks. For example, admission to the museum is always free for several people, there is an annual friends and donors day, you will receive invitations to unique events and your name will be mentioned on this page. You are already a donor from 120 euros per year or similar material support

Would you like to become a donor?

Contact the foundation board of the Friends of the Shoe Quarter at [email protected] or call 0416 33 27 38

FRIENDS and Ambassadors

The Friends of the Shoe Quarter Foundation has been in existence for many years and during that time it has secured special members. The foundation board may therefore proceed to appoint ambassadors. These are individuals who have actively devoted themselves to the Circle of Friends for many years with a high degree of commitment. Through the ambassadorship their valuable knowledge, administrative experience and network remains available to the Friends.

Currently, our ambassadors are:

  • Frans Brokx, former chairman
  • Jan van Lier*, former board member
  • Mr. Rob van Schaik, former mayor of Waalwijk
  • Drs. Ronald van der Zijl, former director of the Efteling
  • Joep Hamburg, former board member

Jan van Lier is also an advisor to the Shoe Quarter on collection expansion and serves on the purchasing committee

FRIENDS and board



Walter Hauwé


Hans van der Velden

treasurer and member of the purchasing committee

Theo Vugts

communication and PR

René Soeterboek

member administration


Contact details

Friends of the Shoe Quarter Foundation

Raadhuisplein 1, 5141 KG Waalwijk

Tel. 0416 33 27 38

[email protected]


The Friends of the Shoe Quarter Foundation has ANBI status making financial contributions income tax deductible.


3d printer with hand scanner

A superior machine ideal for prototyping and developing innovative products.

The scanner (not pictured) is portable and therefore very suitable for orthopedics and prosthetics and all kinds of other objects."

A contribution in accordance with the wishes of the shoe quarter lab."

FRIENDS and talk

Tue to Fri 10:00 - 17:00
Sat, Sun & holidays 12:00 - 17:00