Working at the Shoe Quarter is a unique experience

Operations manager (36 or 32 hours)

You are the driving force behind our approximately 100 volunteers and are at the heart of our museum. You are involved, know what is going on on the shop floor and create a nice atmosphere and clear work structure, within which the volunteers and team members can perform optimally and provide a hospitable reception for our visitors.

You are "the right-hand man" of the director-manager and, in consultation with the director, determine the overall vision and strategy and are responsible for executing it.

Your motivation is sales-oriented from a strong passion for culture. Moreover, you have an eye for the needs of our visitors and hospitality is your second nature. In this role within the Shoe Quarter you will be part of a small team, 100 volunteers and you will be accountable to the director-director.

Hospitable independent Cook for lunch and events (level 2 or 3).
6 days a week around lunchtime and occasionally in the evenings (24 hours), or part-time

We are looking for an Independent Cook effective immediately. As our new cook, you will be responsible for managing the commercial rental activities, liaising with external rental partners and managing the volunteers (hospitality). In addition to these duties, you will be actively involved in the operational aspects of your position.

Are you interested? Then for information call Roel 06-45102036

The interviews will preferably take place on Thursday, April 18 or Friday, April 19 in the Schoenenkwartier in Waalwijk.

The Shoe Quarter cannot operate in any department without the efforts of volunteers. Therefore, in our museum you can do what you are good at! There is room for your own input and you decide when and how often you want to work. The current group of volunteers is looking for new colleagues, people who share their pride and enthusiasm for the Schoenenkwartier and want to do their bit.


Are you looking for a fun internship? There are many options for this within our Museum, the Shoe Lab, the Knowledge Center and in communications marketing. Let us know what education you are following and what kind of internship you would like to do with us. We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

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