Food & Drink

In the café you can enjoy a fresh cup of fair trade coffee or tea and a delicious pastry. Our pastry assortment is provided by the local bakery: Partyvlaai. Among other things, it supplies the famous Halve Zool, a specially filled cake in the shape of half a shoe sole. 

Our cozy museum kiosk is accessible during museum opening hours with or without a museum ticket. In the kiosk you have a view of the special architecture of the national monumental Kropholler complex, which houses the Shoe Quarter. Inside, you have a view of the upper work lab and the lower work lab where national and international makers and artists are regularly at work. Absolute eye-catchers of the café are the bar made of hemp concrete and the tile wall after a design by Laura van Santen, executed from residual materials clay and enamel by ceramics workshop Cor Unum from 's-Hertogenbosch.