We develop an annual program based on fixed themes based on "making," linked to the changing exhibition themes and other research questions.

We connect the past with the present by explaining ancient making methods and techniques in the knowledge center.

Disappearing shoemaking techniques are shown and explained, demonstrated by our volunteers; very experienced shoemakers who have always worked in the manufacturing industry. Understanding and making these old techniques is inspiring for the young generation of (shoe) makers.

The Maaklabs on the ground floor focus more on "the shoemaking of the future"; the new generation of designers works here on projects that are insightful for visitors. This is how we share our knowledge.

Sustainability and innovation are key themes here.

Through assignments in the Shoe Quarter, we share our knowledge and collection. In the knowledge center, we do this through objects and learning alternatives in the materials closet and an extensive library. This wealth of information is free for students and visitors to use.

Students work on the basis of an instruction card. These instruction cards are organized by a make or technique such as moccasin make, wooden peg construction, canasta make, cuir bouilli technique, western stitching decorations, ströbel construction and tub sole stitching. On this card you will find the background information, explanation of the technique, machines, tools and materials.

A QR code links to in-depth videos.

Matching instruction cards are developed to accompany the temporary exhibitions.

The program consists of several components held in different spaces within the Shoe Quarter:

  • Museum; tour appropriate to the theme
  • Knowledge center; research
  • Make labs; make/execute experiments
  • Auditorium; content film, deepening the topic


For questions or a customized program email or call 0416-332738 and ask for Carine van Vugt.