The rich past of the shoe and leather industry comes alive in the Shoe Quarter.

In addition to looking and learning, the Shoe Quarter is about participation and awareness. We want to offer new target groups an entrance into the cultural world and hopefully point the way to other museums. Because shoes are part of the identity for young and old, for rich and poor, for every color and every individual. The shoe belongs to the world and to everyone. In numerous forms. That includes multifaceted stories. Those we want to tell, we want to make visitors think about 'their' footwear, where it comes from, how it can be made with respect for the world.

We have an exceptional Dutch collection, complemented by exceptional designs and items from the rest of the world. In the past decades we have also accumulated great knowledge about everything to do with the leather and shoe industry. We have also made this largely available digitally, so that gaining knowledge can become a voyage of discovery in the Schoenenkwartier

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