Sustainable Waalwijk in the Shoe Quarter

Join a climate safari with Gertjan Prins, the climate mayor of Waalwijk. The safari travels along different hotspots with sustainable techniques.

Winterdijk 30b, Waalwijk
11:00 - 12:30 (maximum 25 people - full = full)
13:00 - 14:30 (maximum 25 people - full = full)
15:00 - 16:30 (maximum 25 people - full = full) 

The safari starts with a cup of Fairtrade coffee at Atelier Winterdijk 30b. Then, as an occasional guide, the climate mayor takes you to the green city entrance next to City Hall with a new, sustainable water collection. The safari then travels on to the Schoenenkwartier where you will learn more about the newly installed systems that provide heating with geothermal heat and solar panels. A short film by Waalwijk CO2vrij also shows what the Waalwijk business community is doing to generate sustainable energy. We continue the route to the former town hall 'the House of Waalwijk'. Perhaps you have some good ideas on how we can make this monument more sustainable? This is your chance to bring them forward. 

After visiting the House of Waalwijk, the safari travels on to Atelier MIJN in the Hooisteeg. Here follows an explanation of the circular use of leather. Finally, the safari settles down at the starting point, namely Winterdijk 30b. Here, especially for Doing Together, Greening Together, there will be cooking with leftover food. A snack and a drink are available under the banner of No Waste.

A maximum of 25 people can travel per climate safari (full = full). So sign up quickly via the button below and select a time.

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