Primary education

For the p.o., 2 programs have been developed.

  • Group 4/5 "Tie a banana around your feet"
  • group 6/7/8 "Shoe stories"


The programs align with core objectives 39, 42, 44, 45, 55, 56 of the SLO and the acquisition of 21st -century skills. They fit into a continuous learning line. The programs are offered in modules, which can be taken as complete projects or separately in combinations. In consultation, customization is possible.

Themes group 4/5: heritage, materials, sustainability.
Learning Objectives: Students know the origins of various innovative materials and know different shoe closures. They know what sustainability means and can relate this to the shoe. Students creatively explore the reuse of materials as an application to shoes.

Themes group 6/7/8: heritage, living and working during the Industrial Revolution, innovation and sustainable materials, fashion and identity.
Learning Objectives: Students learn how child labor and traditional roles were expressed when working in the factory. The students know how leather and innovative materials can contribute to sustainability. They know how (shoe) fashion expresses one's identity.

Entrance Shoe Quarter students p.o.
Entrance supervisors (max. 1 per 4 ll.)


Tour craft technique, working in the factory and materials
Versions lower and upper school 45 minutes (max. 15 ll.)                  

Tour shoes fashion and identity, materials Versions lower and upper 45 minutes (max. 15 ll.)
Workshop enhance your old shoe with recycle material Lower school/upper school 45 minutes (max. 15 ll.)
Paper shoe workshop Upper School 45 minutes (max. 15 ll.)

Teaching case shoes, materials, shoe fasteners free to borrow when visiting the Shoe Quarter. You will also receive a free digital newsletter for your teacher.

Assignment Cards (upper school)
Assignment cards at the materials cabinet in the knowledge center can be borrowed free of charge in the knowledge center when visiting.

 The Shoe Quarter is a participating museum at Museum Treasures
by Erfgoed Brabant.

For more information and bookings:
T 0416-332738 ask for Karin Timmermans