Put on the bold shoes

Hundreds of years of shoe history are featured in this semi-permanent exhibition that explains the relationship between man and his footwear through place, time, rituals, function and identity.


April 20, 2024 - September 15, 2024

ABOUT: Put on the bold shoes

As a tough guy always wanted to try out pumps? Or wanted to look a lot taller thanks to funky platform soles from the seventies? This is possible from April 20 in the Schoenenkwartier in Waalwijk. In the exhibition "Put on your daring shoes" you step straight out of your comfort zone in shoes, boots or slippers that you have wanted to try on for a long time, but never dared. You become part of the exhibition yourself because on the catwalk you show who you are ... or would like to be. If you dare, of course.

The Schoenenkwartier is a museum, shoe lab and knowledge center all in one, making it the epicenter of the shoe in the Netherlands. A subject everyone - young and old, snob and slob - knows about. Or at least an opinion. That fact is stretched to the extreme in the exhibition "Trek de stoute schoenen aan". Which shoes suit you? Or do others think they belong to you? And how does that feel to you? Do they only hurt you physically or also mentally? Because even if the shoes fit in terms of size, a shoehorn for the mind is not included.

A selection of over thirty exclusive shoes is waiting for you. Not so much to be admired - although of course you may - but rather to try on. And of course you may parade the shoes down a special catwalk, so you can show other visitors or your followers on socials who you are or could be.

To get you to make the bold, the Shoe Quarter's Shoe Lab crafted several replicas of historic or modern shoes. Designs by renowned designers such as Fred de la Bretoniere and are also among them. From the double collection, some sturdy footwear was also selected. From Finnish boot with curly toe to 1930s laced bottoms and from fluffy boots to Mae West's eccentric double shoes, you may put them all on. If they fit you, of course.

'Put on the bold shoes' is much more than an exhibition. It is a confirmation or, on the contrary, a confrontation with yourself. A mental and physical slide or obstacle course laid out for you with the help of second-year students of the Reinwardt Academy of Museology.

The grand opening of this family exhibition will take place on April 20. There will be dancing all day around the Rollerscate DJ booth and various performances. Will you dance with us?

At 3 p.m., designer Tevin Blancheville will donate a special pair of shoes from his hand to the Schoenenkwartier. The city poetess of Waalwijk, Romy van Dongen, frames this special moment by reciting a poem written especially for this occasion .

Discover the world of your shoes at the Shoe Quarter so you can stand firmer from now on.