Neo-vernacular Footwear

Baked soles & mixed materials. From April 8 to 30, designer Julien Chaintreau will be on display at the Bodehuisje with his project "Neo-Vernacular Footwear. Through four workstations, an alternative is shown on the existing production chain of the moccasin making method. Julien will be present in person for several days to share his techniques with visitors.


April 8, 2023 - April 30, 2023

ABOUT: neo-vernacular footwear

In today's disrupted global market, populated by a glut of high-tech sneakers, Julien Chaintreau emphasizes the responsibility everyone shares when purchasing a new pair of shoes. Through a nomadic shoemaking that encourages appropriation, the NVFT ("Neo-Vernacular Footwear Technology") platform teaches how to make moccasins yourself. 

Classic kitchen utensils are manipulated to make certain parts, shoe uppers are sewn together by hand. With no distance between maker and wearer, the "Moc-toe" and its production line return to the local principles of the leather moccasin silhouette, originating in North America. Even without the need for prior craft skills, simple tools make it possible for individuals to physically participate again in the manufacture of their own shoes.