Who The Shoe Fits

Thousands of years of shoe history are featured in this semi-permanent exhibition that explains the relationship between man and his footwear through place, time, rituals, function and identity.


ABOUT: Who The Shoe Fits

Shoes tell a lot about their wearers: where their cradle was and what the climate is like there, whether they are rich or poor, young or old. What kind of work they do, whether they are athletic and healthy, young or old and what music they like. After seeing this exhibition, a shoe will never be just another shoe.


The line between wearable footwear and art is razor thin. The designers in the showcase Who Wants to Be Beautiful like to push the boundaries. However, not everything is what it seems: models on the catwalk regularly defy gravity to answer the following question: 'Is a shoe only really a shoe when you can walk on it?'


The Shoe Quarter's shoe collection includes more than 12,500 pieces. They tell diverse stories about the people who wore them or the companies that manufactured them. In the exhibition Who The Shoe Fits, we let the shoe do the talking.